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From the Editor…

From my house to Norwich is about 25 miles. A 50-mile round-trip. The other sunny November Sunday I counted 33 MX-5s sharing the A140 with me. Yes, the weather was undoubtedly a contributory factor to there being so many of them out and about, and sure it helps that it’s the world’s best-selling sports car, but this was November – a winter month as far as I’m concerned – when so many other sports cars are tucked up in climate-controlled garages, covered up with nice warm coats.

But that’s the beauty of the MX-5; you feel that you can use it year-round. Of course, a lot of folk have to, as it’s their only car, and I like that too – instead of choosing something more sensible like a hatchback, the MX-5’s sparkling personality and ease of use has persuaded them to take a gamble on just two seats and a meagre boot.

And yet as many of us know to our – sometimes considerable – cost, using your MX-5 in all weathers has its downside in the form of chronic corrosion. It’s legendary in mk1s and mk2s, but increasingly it’s taking its toll on mk3s and I’ve even seen a handful of early mk4s up on ramps having a precautionary coating of something black and gooey and water-resistant. Which is why, despite grumbling from some quarters that we focus a bit too much on it, we’re running a big feature this issue on how to deal with the red menace. Inspect the sills of pretty much any mk1 or mk2 and you’ll see evidence of patching to get the car through the next MOT: what we’re looking at is how far you have to go to ensure that your treasured MX-5 makes it easily through the next 20 years or more of its life.

Once upon a not so long ago, you wouldn’t have bothered, as early MX-5s were disposable items – why repair your sills when you could buy another car? Now values of mk1s and mk2s are climbing so it makes more financial sense to do a proper job.

Brett Fraser
Email: totalmx-5@chpltd.com

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